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Harlan will be conducting his once-a-year workshop: "The Long-Haul" guiding you on creating, building and maintaining your voiceover BUSINESS at VoiceOne, San Francisco, Saturday January 6th, 2018. Class size is limited.

Winning an occasional audition is nice. But a WINNING CAREER - over the long haul - is the ultimate!

Just once this year Harlan Hogan shares the lessons he's learned from 40 successful years as a full-time voice over professional with a small group of performers in San Francisco. His goal is simple: to help you build your voice over career - based not on dreams and wishes, but on marketing savvy, current information, trends and markets, and a new business model.

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Nobody - including Harlan - builds a career spanning decades by looking backwards and longing for the good old days. Harlan's singular success - in his considered opinion - is not his exceptional voice talent. Instead, it's been his ability to look ahead, anticipating what the next sound/style and voice market will be ... and then relentlessly and ruthlessly pursuing that work with an aggressive strategy: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

Fair warning: This is not a sit-back-and-listen seminar! It's a learn-by-doing, real-deal, put-the-concepts-into-action event. Don't learn how it was - but how it's going to be, and how you can become part of the next generation of voice over workers:

  • What you must know - what you must do - NOW.
  • The five Cs .... Five seminal changes in voice over work.
  • Defining today's voice actor paradigm.
  • Discovering voice venues - the work of getting the work.
  • Situation and Strategy - the E-Myth and SWOT.
  • The business of show business, and when and if you should join the union.
  • Ruthless and Relentless Promotion, the new rules of PR and Publicity.
  • Demos and auditions - going beyond the hackneyed to relevant branding.
  • Acquiring and keeping Agents.
  • Harnessing the power and promise of the Internet.
  • Your home and on-the-road studio - what you need and what you don't!

About Harlan:

Just a few of the famous slogans he has voiced include:

"Raid kills bugs fast, kills bugs dead" "When you care enough to send the very best ..." "Thick, rich Heinz catsup; good things come to those who wait" and the quintessential, "It's the cereal even Mikey likes!"

He's heard nightly thanking you for your generous contribution to this PBS station, and has helped thousands of politicians, including several presidents.

Harlan is also known for his Porta-Booth® audio studios, and the only voice over microphone designed by a voice actor for voice over - the VO: 1A microphone. Find out more at .

"Voice over success requires talent, ambition, business and marketing skills - and that is reality." - Harlan Hogan

What are students saying?

What a great workshop this weekend…engaging, fun and informative. - Chris Reid

Thanks for coming to Washington. I got so much out of your workshop & loved your stories! Come back and see us again - Jane Ingalls

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It was really a treat to participate in "The Long Haul" You imparted so many useful tidbits that will help those of us just starting in the business…The longevity you have achieved is inspiring, but my biggest take away was the authentic way in which you love what you do for a living. - Trish Gregovich inspiration in the sense of a kick in the pants to make sure that my marketing remains consistent, that I do a better job of client-schmoozation, and that most importantly, it's my business to make my business work. - Bill Ballenberg

I wanted to thank you for the great class today. You laid out the marketing challenges for voiceover actors, and then helped present solutions to those challenges I am grateful that someone of your stature and talent instructs aspiring talent. - Mark Barbolak

Harlan, Many people talk and talk and talk and talk - and never say anything of value. You, on the other hand gave us so much valuable information in just one short session. Thank you so much for The Long Haul - You are truly SWOT - superb, wonderful, outstanding and tremendous! - Jodi Murphy

I appreciate all of the "pearls" of information you shared with us, my eyes are open much wider as a result. - Gene Lupo

Contact VoiceOne to reserve your seat or find out more.

Thanks for the absolutely terrific seminar and wonderful stories of your fabulous career. Your joy for the business is infectious. Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed every single minute of it! - Debbe Hirata

Thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences with us all this weekend! Thanks for the helpful information and humorous asides from your 30 years! Hopefully, our paths will cross again! - Paula Julianel

Thank you again H2, sharing is truly the best way to give back, and for that I say thanks. More than "worth the price of admission" is the absolutely incredible business model you present! - Eric Newsome

The Long Haul was packed with valuable, pertinent, practical information that few others are willing to share, presented in an entertaining and easily-absorbable way. - Doug Turkel

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