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Harlan Featured in Chicago Magazine!

Chicago Magazine Recently Harlan found himself in the prestigious Chicago Magazine in an article by Tal Rosenberg titled: Everyone Tells Me I Have a GREAT VOICE. Featuring several Chicago area Voice Artists, it reveals “A career in Voice Over isn't as simple as it sounds…” The author highlights Harlan’s long career, "Harlan is unquestionably one of the most recognizable and successful Chicago voice actors in the medium's history." And, describes his unique voice. "Harlan Hogan's voice is the macho purr of commerce, a gently leonine growl that conveys ease and fatherly compassion. When he talks, you can hear shampoo, beer, cereal, health insurance, and super PACS."

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Over the years some very famous slogans have entered your ears via Harlan Hogan 's voice:

From Raids ' "Kills bugs fast, Kills bugs dead" and Head & Shoulders ' "That little itch should be telling you something" to the iconic, "It 's the cereal even Mikey Likes".

Today, Harlan's voice is still bringing us memorable phrases like, "How's that for trendy?" for Ford F-150 trucks, and his legendary political work includes commercials for candidates from Coroners to Congressmen.

Harlan voiced the Minotaur Alistar in League of Legends
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Gamers recognize that the triumphant roar of the mighty Minotaur Alistar in League of Legends is voiced by Harlan.

Based in Chicago, Harlan sends his voice world-wide from his state of the art studio, via Source Connect, Phone Patch and the Internet.

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