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VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor by Harlan Hogan is wonderfully amusing and informative reading – you don’t have to be a potential VO to enjoy this book!”

Milt Rosenberg

WGN Radio, Chicago  


"I've never known an "instruction" book to be a barn burner before but this is one of those books.  I read it cover to cover in one sitting, then went back and read it again. I do voice-overs, I teach voice-overs and I continue to learn from the likes of Harlan Hogan..and I don't even know the guy. But, I'd like to."


Scott Shurian 
Salt Lake City, Utah


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One of the country’s top voice-over talents shares his secrets to success in this insider’s guide to the voice-over industry! Not only does veteran actor Harlan Hogan offer a fascinating personal account of the crazed clients, practical jokes, and amazing coincidences encountered during his 25-year career . . . he also provides a wealth of tested tips for surviving and thriving as a voice-over actor! This indispensable guide features dozens of techniques to help readers train their voices, gain experience, make a demo, join unions, get an agent, and more. It also includes strategies for finding work in venues outside film and television, including games, automated telephone systems, and even websites. Actors, broadcasters, and anyone else who longs to make money speaking into a microphone will cherish this informative, insightful, and often hilarious glimpse at the business.

VO: Tales and Techniques 
is also available at:

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Vo: Tales and Techniques of a Voice-over Actor

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