If you were looking for Harlan's video on how he saved a CNN producer's day using the original Porta-Booth® portable sound booth then keep reading. If you were looking to purchase or find out more about the professionally ready made Porta-Booth Plus® and Porta-Booth Pro® that replace the original Porta-Booth then click the above photo or Click Here.

See how the Porta-Booth ® saved a CNN producer's day and then read a sampling of the feedback we have gotten from our customers.

"Harlan Hogan's 'Porta-Booth' ® helps reduce some of the "boomy-ness" that's typical of recording in random offices and hotel rooms."
Hart Shafer, product manager Adobe audio products.

"What a brilliant realization: You don't have to build a vocal booth big enough for both the mic and the performer, just the mic."
David Battino, editor of Music & Computers, the Desktop Music Production Guide

"This is actually a seriously cool idea - If you can't shield the room itself, then shield the mic from the room - Cheers!"
Alexander Davis Executive Producer DREAMSEED - Original Audio Dramas

"Harlan: I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your DVD (Voice-Over Success) - I've already picked up some great hints from it. As for the "Cone of Silence", your Porta-Booth ® - I've shown a half-dozen people in the department to show them how much noise it eliminates. I also tried it out in one of our interpretation booths and it works great! We had fan noises from the computer and ventilation system but it killed them both!"
Don Thatcher, LDS, Salt Lake City

As someone just starting out in the voice-over business I find it quit difficult finding the right VO recording environment, mostly because professional studios aren't always economically feasible. I have found Mr. Hogan's port-a-booth to be a very practical solution that sounds great! Harlan Hogan keeps giving his best to the VO community, including real-world working solutions. Hats off to you sir!
Peter Clark, Washington. DC

To tell you the truth I was a little skeptical about the Porta Studio. I have always had a great studio with wonderful gear, super mics, etc. While I've recorded professionally in my studio: both music and VO, I've never been able to get "the sound". I read about the Porta Studio and thought I'd give it a shot. Well, holy #$%^!!! All of the sudden without even cutting the hole in the back for the shot gun mic, I got "the sound". You guys are brilliant! Thank you so much! Tight, crisp, awesome. I can now compete.
Geoff Koch, Sherman Oaks, California

Mr. Hogan,
"I am just getting started in the VO biz and I can't really afford to have a home studio. Following your instructions, I built a Porta-booth but I used the wrong type of foam. When I found the pyramid-type you recommend it was only being sold in bulk for way too much money. It was just more cost effective to purchase your ready-made Porta-booth ® - and I am glad I did! I don't need to be mobile with it just yet, since it is my "home studio," but its great how quickly it folds up and the sound quality of my auditions are so much better than they were! The Porta booth blocks out my bed room's acoustics, the hum of my computer, even my son's breathing if he is taking a nap while I am recording. I am way beyond happy with your product and I wanted to tell you so. Be well and stay blessed."
Daniel Wright, Woodside New York

Hello Harlan,
"I have been having a wonderful time recording auditions in my office with your Porta-Booth ®. What a great invention. It's like being in my studio booth." Take care,
Rodney Saulsberry, Author of "Step up to the Mic" & "You can Bank on Your Voice", Hollywood, California