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Last Friday was a big night for the Make US Strong campaign: We won two Reed Awards! The Grammy’s of politics, Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s Reed awards recognize the very best of political advocacy and communications, so it’s a huge honor.

It was a tense night at the awards ceremony – we were up against some of the biggest names in the political world, folks like GMMB, Penn Schoen Berland, and Hackney & Hackney – big firms working with huge budgets.

Our recent, “GI JOE” ad Best Web Independent Expenditure and Best Use of Voiceover Talent.

What’s the next award winning project coming out of Truman? On Tuesday, we launched Cycle for Security, a 4,200 mile cross-country tour by Truman Partner Janessa Goldbeck, who’s reminding Americans across the nation of the lesson of the greatest generation: International development keeps American safe and strong. Check out the Tour and find out if she’ll be biking to a city near you!

And from The VoiceOver Insider
March 2012 Volume 6, No. 3
Harlan Hogan Wins 2012 Best Use of Voiceover Talent Award
Harlan Hogan, the well known voiceover artist and purveyor of many useful products aimed at the voiceover market, has won the 2012 Campaign & Elections Magazine Reed Award for "Best Use of Voiceover Talent" for his performance on GI Joe, a TV commercial for the Truman National Security Project.

The Reeds, often referred to as the Grammy's of politics, recognize excellence in campaign management, political consulting and political design. You can see the commercial
here or at the Reed Award website.

The Reed Awards cover more than 60 categories for television ads, direct mail, GOTV operation, online advertising and technology. The competition also includes 15 special categories such as Best Campaign Comeback, Best Social Networking Technology, and Most Daring (and Successful) Tactic.

Winners, selected by a panel of more than 20 judges representing the
industry's best campaigning experts, were announced at the 2012 Reed Awards 

presented by CMDI on February 3, 2012 in Washington, DC. Chosen from the largest and smallest
organizations in the industry, the winners represent the latest techniques and talent in the business.

The Reed Award winners will receive a crystal statue and recognition in Campaigns & Elections in print and online. The awards, named after Campaigns & Elections' founder Stanley Foster Reed, embodies his mission to strive for excellence in political campaigning.


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