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Advanced Voiceover Career Strategies

  • The new voiceover business model
  • How to become computer savvy and unlock the profit potential of your own PC
  • Why you must set up a recording studio of your own at home
  • New and innovative ways to package and promote yourself.
  • The realities of today's very different audition process
  • How to obtain and work with agents
  • How to make strategic career decisions

Nothing beats a live, all-day intensive workshop with HH and a group of your voice-over peers. BUT for those who haven’t yet been lucky enough to attend and participate here’s the next best thing. Advanced Voiceover Career Strategies is a two CD - three hour - live recording of Harlan’s special presentation at the 11th Annual International Radio Creative & Production Summit in Los Angeles for an audience of one hundred broadcasters and voice performers. Harlan focuses (as always) on building a long-term career using sound business strategies and techniques: like the SWOT approach to decision making. He shares his secrets for getting and keeping top-notch agents, setting up a professional-level home studio, marketing yourself in the Internet age – and much, much more. Many performers who have participated in one of Harlan’s seminars have also purchased these CD’s so they can review his methods – and just to re-live his hysterical stories from, “The other side of the glass.”

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